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Polina Kuznetsova

Background Evaluation - Application Planning - School List
Major and Career Consulting

place Dubai, Dubai

school Columbia University, Master , Journalism

work_outline 2.0 years experience , Current Graduate Journalism Coach at InGenius Prep

emoji_emotions My name is Polina Kuznetsova. I am a journalist, I currently work in Dubai. I can give you guidance in choosing your future university, as well as help you build your application. With me you will write your best essay!

John Unser

Background Evaluation - Application Planning - Extracurricular Activities
Major and Career Consulting - School List - Essay Editing - Resume Portfolio - Application Final Review - Admission Appeal - Interview Prep - School Final Decision - Financial Aid Assistance

place New York, New York

school Emory University, Bachelor

work_outline 1.7 years experience , Past College Admissions Consultant at CollegeVine

Nadia Koolina

Essay Editing

place Hanover, New Hampshire

school Dartmouth College, Bachelor

work_outline 1.6 years experience , Past Applications Consultant at CollegeVine

Cindy Ren

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision

place Tampa, Florida

school Current at Harvard University, Bachelor , Economics

work_outline 1.5 years experience , Current College application mentor at College Lead

Atif Osmani

Consulting - Extracurricular Activities - Major and Career Consulting
Background Evaluation - Financial Aid Assistance - Essay Editing - Resume Portfolio - Application Planning - School List - Admission Appeal - Interview Prep - School Final Decision - School Introduction

place Chicago, Illinois

school University of Chicago, Bachelor , Public Policy Studies

work_outline 1.0 years experience , Past Extracurricular and Leadership Consultant at Crimson Education

emoji_emotions Hello! Figuring out how to make yourself the best candidate for your dream schools is a daunting task. There are many pitfalls and challenges throughout the journey; however, my job is to demystify this process for you! Unlike some of my associates, I am a recent college graduate, so I truly understand the struggling of navigating college admissions and the path after acceptance. I received acceptances to some of the best institutions in the country, and have helped students navigate their own journey. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to message me through Walnut.

Christine Belance

$1,000/ 3 schools
Application Planning - Major and Career Consulting - School Introduction
Essay Editing - Application Final Review

place Louisville, Kentucky

school Current at University of Chicago, Bachelor , Anthropology , Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

work_outline 0.8 years experience , Current Tutor at GoPeer

emoji_emotions Hello, my name is Christine and I'm a second-year at the University of Chicago. I plan on obtaining a B.A. and M.A in anthropology and a B.A. in Arabic. I have a large amount of experience writing college essays and scholarships🗞️. In addition, I've been studying Arabic for three years! Fun Fact: I play the cello 🎶 and am a Gates Scholar.

Spencer Ganus

Essay Editing - School List - Consulting
Application Final Review - Interview Prep - Application Planning - Extracurricular Activities

place Valley Village, California

school Duke University, Bachelor , Global Cultural Studies Program in Literature

work_outline 0.7 years experience , Past Consultant at CollegeVine

emoji_emotions I believe the college applications process should never be done alone. I worked as a Consultant for CollegeVine during my college years, helping high school students and their families with college applications from the very beginning of the selection process through interview preparation. I particularly specialized in helping students perfect their essay-writing skills for college admissions and scholarship application purposes. Together, I'll help you bring out your creativity in writing and make sure you present yourself to the admissions committee with the posture you deserve (while making it as stress-free as it can be!).

Amie Acik

$1,800/ 10 schools
School List - Financial Aid Assistance - Application Final Review
School Final Decision - Consulting

place Petaluma, California

school San Francisco State University, Bachelor

emoji_emotions I earned my undergraduate degree at San Francisco State State University. I worked as a student services professional at my alma mater culminating in my role as an Associate Director of International Graduate Admissions. After 15 years of service at San Francisco State University, I moved onto my next career chapter at the University of California, Berkeley as a Graduate Admissions Advisor. I wanted to have a greater impact on a student’s path at an individual level. Over time I realized that often getting involved earlier in an applicant’s journey creates greater impact on their long-term success.

Monica Liu

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision

place San Marino, California

school University of Queensland, Doctorate , Medicine

emoji_emotions Hello, My name is Monica, and I am an incoming resident physician at Stanford University. I have been tutoring and offering academic advice for the past ten years, and many of my students have gone on to enter medical school. My approach is different, as I did not have the strongest grades in high school. I didn't have a mentor to sit down with and talk through study habits and goals. It wasn't until part way through undergrad that I finally better understood my strengths and weaknesses, and applied myself towards my career. I would love to be that mentor for students who find themselves struggling to reach their goals and dreams.

Ryan Everett

$500/ 5 schools
Essay Editing

place Chicago, Illinois

school Northwestern University, Master , Higher Education Administration and Policy

emoji_emotions Test.

Mika Parekh

$2,500/ 8 schools
Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision

place Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development Council

school University of California-Los Angeles, Certificate

emoji_emotions College Admissions Consulting

Alexandra Rizzi

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision - Major and Career Consulting - Extracurricular Activities

place Bethesda, Maryland

school Walden University, Master , Education

emoji_emotions I am a mindfulness-based college, career, and life-path guide with over fifteen years of experience. I am dedicated to helping people gain clarity in where they are headed and how to get there. I love to connect and share about my work, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Jessica Dean

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision

place New York, New York

school University of Oxford, Master

emoji_emotions Hello! My name is Jessica and I am an experienced higher education consultant. I have helped dozens of students get into top college and graduate programs. As for myself, I am a graduate of Columbia University and the University of Oxford. I am passionate about education and enabling others to reach their potential.

Xinyu Chen

School List - Application Final Review - Application Follow-up
Essay Editing - Interview Prep - Consulting

place Los Angeles, California

school University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master , Chemistry

Kewen Kong

Application Planning - Major and Career Consulting - School Introduction

place Shenzhen, Guangdong

school Current at Columbia University, Bachelor , Comparative Literature