How To Track My Application and Service

Walnut Assistant , Jun 22, 2021

After an order has been placed. Both the consultant and student can enter the same order progress page.


Example order progress page


Items are the steps in a regular service package. The initial status of an item is "Pending Start". The consultant can update it to "In Progress". 

After the service is completed, the student can mark it as "Service Completed". The consultant can also update the item as "Service Completed". In this case, confirmation from the student is required. Two reminder emails will be sent to the student about the update on day 3 and day 6. 

If no action has been taken from the student until day 7, the item will be automatically updated into "Service Completed" and the payment for the item will be transferred to the consultant.

The student also has the option to update the status to "Service Not Completed" and the order will become "Service On Hold". Contact the other party to resolve the conflict. 


The Consultant can add programs to the order as applications. Later the student can mark the program as "Confirmed Selection". Once an application is updated to "Accepted by school", it becomes a verified acceptance as part of the consultant’s profile.

Order status

After all the order items are completed, the student can update the status of the order as completed and leave a review for the consultant. The remaining payment will be transferred to the consultant.

Students can also request cancellation during the services. Consultants can either accept or decline the cancellation. When the consultant updates the status as "Decline Cancellation", the overall order status is on hold. Discuss with the other party to resolve the conflict.


To help other students to find a similar background for their applications, the student's past education background and acceptance will be posted under the consultant's profile with the student’s identity hidden.

Consultant payouts

Consultant can check the status of payouts from the Payouts tab under the navigation bar.

Standard payouts in the United States will arrive to your bank account in 2 business days. Payouts of your available account balance are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior