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Aidan Larson

Austin, Texas



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Academic Record

University of Texas-Austin

Bachelor , GPA: 3.90

English Language and Literature as major

Sept. 1, 1996 ~ May 26, 1998

Work Experiences

Total Consulting Experiences: 6.1 years

College Writing Coach

Larson Essay Consulting

Sept. 1, 2020 ~ now , 2.1 years

I coach college students on their essay assignments across all coursework.

College Essay Writing Coach

Larson Essay Consulting

April 1, 2019 ~ now , 3.5 years

I support students through the writing process and help them find the essence of themselves that will make their college essay stand out. It is fun to support students as their confidence increases, they fine tune existing writing skills, and they realize that they've found and told the story that best represents who they are.

ELA Educator

Texas Public Schools

Aug. 20, 2016 ~ Dec. 20, 2020 , 4.3 years

I am an ELA educator who shares my passion for reading and writing with students.




School Categories

Community College


Colleges, Universities, And Professional Schools


Major Categories

Interdisciplinary Studies

Social Sciences and Humanities

Accepted Applications

Fall 2021

San Diego State University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

University of California-Irvine, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2020

Indiana University-Bloomington, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Lewis and Clark Hall, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Texas State University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Texas Tech University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

University of Arkansas, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

University of Oregon, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Willamette University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

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Essay Brainstorming and Proofreading

Standard enrollment, 5 schools

There are a few different options for ONE college essay based on a single prompt. This one essay can be used for all colleges and universities that require chosen prompt, i.e. Common App or Coalition App.
You can choose to work with me through the entire process, brainstorm only, revision only, or a set of three maximum short answer questions OR one scholarship essay.

1. Consulting

$ 300

1 days, Applicants will leave with a rough draft of one college essay response as long as they attend two hours of consultations and participate fully.

2. Consulting

$ 1,200

5 days, Applicants must attend scheduled sessions and complete suggested work on time in order to meet the 5 day turnaround. This is an intensive week's worth of focus and work on one essay prompt from start to finish. Applicants must be dedicated to completing the work on time. Applicants can use the essay for multiple school applications if they've chosen the prompt used by those schools.

3. Consulting

$ 500

3 days, This includes up to 3 hours of work on one set of short answer responses (maximum 3) OR one college or university scholarship application. Applicants must come prepared to work on the short answer questions (max 3) or the scholarship essay. Applicant must attend each hour long session and complete the suggested actions and writing on their own before the next session.

4. Essay Editing

$ 300

1 days, Applicants must bring a complete rough draft of one college essay and participate fully in the process of revision in order to leave with a revised essay at the end of two hours. (sessions can be one hour each, two consecutive hours, or one hour together and one hour asynchronous).


$ 2,300