How To Find The Best Consultant

Walnut Assistant , Jun 21, 2021

Welcome to Walnut Education. This article will show you how to find the best consultants to assist your application so you can get into your best colleges.

Starting from the home page. You can see a full list of consultants by clicking on the green button on the home page or by clicking the Consultants link on the navigation bar.

Filters to narrow down consultants

You can narrow down to 6-8 desired consultants by applying filters:

  • Package Fee Type. You have the option to pay your services either by package ( Regular) or hour. If you choose to pay by package, you make the full payment upfront and receive services step by step. If you choose to hourly type, you pay for each hour as you are receiving services. Note that for both fee types, you should receive the same scope of services from the consultants. Ask how they charge on hourly services when contacting them.
  • Price Range.
  • Consultant details
  • Language. The language you want to communicate with the consultant.
  • Certificate. If the consultant has been awarded a certain consulting certificate.
  • Specialized Schools. The types of schools the consultants are good at applying to.
  • Specialized Majors. The fields of majors the consultants are good at applying.
  • Consultant Profile Search Bar. Here you can search for the consultants’ names, cities and states, graduated schools and majors (not only the most recent one), the schools or majors that the consultants have received acceptance applications, consultants’ roles and organizations in their work experiences, service package names, or even some text in their introductions.
  • Type of services. Popular services are application planning, school list, essay editing, and financial aid.
  • Enrollment Type. You are applying as standard enrollment or transfer enrollment.
  • Target Term. Your target term of enrollment. Usually the earlier you order the consulting service, the more expensive it will be.
  • Target Degree. You are applying for bachelor, master, PhD or others.

Go to the consultants profile page to read the details.

  • Media. Images and video introduction of the consultant.
  • Introduction. Read the highlights and experiences of the consultant’s career.
  • Website and Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Academic Records
  • Work Experience
  • Specialities. This is the same as what is described in filters.
  • Accepted Applications. These are accepted applications the consultant helped students received or received for their own application
  • Licenses and Certificates
  • Q&A
  • Service Packages. See the following figure to understand the descriptions in a service package.

Example regular fee type package 

  1. Standard enrollment for 8 schools. Discuss with your consultant if you want to apply for more.
  2. Service items. No.1 means the consultant will deliver your application plan in 5 days after receiving your test scores. $400 will be paid to your consultant after the step is completed.
  3. Choose your target term and degree.

To learn more about the service items (steps), read the service types article.

Click on the chat button to chat with the consultants for free. Schedule phone calls or virtual meetings with the consultants if you prefer. This step is important to get familiar with your consultant as you will be spending many hours working together for your goals.

Chatting Window 

Once you have the most preferred consultant in mind, then you can order a service from the consultant.