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Dan Stolar

Essay Editing - Consulting

place Chicago, Illinois

school University of Arizona, Master , Creative Writing

work_outline 19.1 years experience , Current Professor at DePaul University

emoji_emotions I’m a creative writing professor at DePaul University and a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. I graduated from Harvard University and got into all of the med schools I applied to as well (I eventually withdrew from Yale Med to get an MFA in creative writing) so I was pretty good at this game. And I believe it can be helpful for students to think of it as a game. It’s hard to be creative when you feel under pressure. I’ve spent the last 20 years teaching creative writing workshops, so I’ve gotten good at helping young people find THEIR voices. I've also seen it from the parent side: my daughter starts Northwestern in Fall 2021.

Audra Mika

Essay Editing - Extracurricular Activities - Interview Prep
Resume Portfolio

place Bristol, Connecticut

school Quinnipiac University, Master , Journalism

work_outline 18.0 years experience , Current Founder at The Write Fit Career & College Prep Coaching

emoji_emotions I empower students to launch lives they love after high school and college. As a professional editor, copywriter, and college coach, I support my clients in navigating college applications and in writing compelling college essays, personal statements, and social media profiles. For my career coaching clients, I guide them in writing cover letters and résumés, and in boosting their confidence to nail interviews and salary negotiations. Whether working one-on-one or leading workshops, I inspire my clients to reflect on what is meaningful in their lives and to always dream big and add a zero.

William Bryant

Essay Editing

place Prescott, Arizona

school University of Iowa, Doctorate , American Studies

work_outline 17.8 years experience , Current Co-Founder & President at BetterRhetor Resources

emoji_emotions I designed the current Writing test on the ACT college admissions exam. My company helps students prepare for college-level writing. I have many years of experience helping students improve their writing, including international students. Writing is the most important skill for academic success -- and one of the most difficult. I can help you gain confidence and succeed in your applications and courses.

Christina Wright

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - School Final Decision

place Milwaukee, Wisconsin

school Marquette University, Master , Political Science

work_outline 17.1 years experience , Current College Counselor at Christina Wright College Counseling

emoji_emotions I have nearly 20 years of experience on both sides of the admissions desk. I am familiar with and have helped students gain acceptance into all kinds of places: large research institutions, small liberal arts schools, highly selective Ivy League universities, specialized fine arts colleges, accelerated BS/MD programs, and more.After graduating with a BA in English from Columbia University in New York City in 2003, I was a college counselor at Collegewise in Irvine, California, from 2005-2007, an admissions officer at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from 2007-2012. More info at:

Likesha Davis

$1,000/ 4 schools
Application Planning - Major and Career Consulting - School Introduction
Essay Editing - Application Final Review - Essay Editing - Resume Portfolio - Application Final Review - Admission Appeal - Interview Prep - School Final Decision - School Introduction

place Bay Harbor Islands, Florida

school Johns Hopkins University, Master , Education

work_outline 16.8 years experience , Current Academic Advisor at Bridgeway Academy

emoji_emotions My 11+ years of experience supporting and coaching diverse clients through career changes/growth—as well as my superior communication and problem-solving skills—gives me confidence in my ability to significantly benefit others in their education journeys,

Jill Ortman

Essay Editing - School List - Consulting
Emergency Transfer - School Final Decision

place New York, New York

school Boston University, Master , Education

work_outline 16.8 years experience , Current College Counselor at Smart City Kids

Lance Robnett


place Shelburne, Vermont

work_outline 16.5 years experience , Current Director/Consultant at Career & Educational Success, LLC

emoji_emotions Please visit my home webpage for more substantive information: Thank you!

Colleen Klein

Consulting - Extracurricular Activities - School List
School Visit Assistance

place Morganville, New Jersey

school Marshall University, Master , Counseling Education

work_outline 15.8 years experience , Current Program Coordinator at Rutgers University

emoji_emotions Life after high school can be difficult to navigate. Allow me to help. I am a self-motivated, independent in all facets of higher education including admissions, residential life, financial aid, and campus life. I am interested in finding the ideal fit for both the student and their family.

Marissa Margosian


place Pasadena, Maryland

school Binghamton University-SUNY, Doctorate , Anthropology

work_outline 14.9 years experience , Current College Counselor at Royal Thai Scholars

emoji_emotions Finding great colleges that fit your talents, strengths, requirements takes time and expertise. It doesn’t just happen. Let me help you find the right schools and put yourself in the best possible position to be looked at favorably in the admissions process! With more than 1,900 4-year, non-profit colleges in the U.S. alone, finding the right college and negotiating the application process can be daunting, time-consuming, and stressful - but it doesn’t have to be! I encourage you to get in contact for an initial consultation to see how I can assist you! I'm located in Maryland but work virtually with students across the country.

Jessica Brenner

Interview Prep - Background Evaluation - Additional One School Application
Appeal - Application Final Review - School List - Application Follow-up - Consulting - Major and Career Consulting - School Final Decision - Application Planning - Essay Editing

place Rocklin, California

school San Francisco State University, Master , Counseling Psychology

work_outline 14.4 years experience , Current Founder/Director at Jessica Brenner Educational Consulting

emoji_emotions As an experienced counselor and author of College Admission Essays for Dummies (debuting in October 2021), I have created a unique, highly individualized approach to college counseling and teaching which enables my students and their parents to move strategically and peacefully through the application process. My goal is to not simply help students get accepted to the colleges of their choice, but to empower them with the skills that will help them thrive as adults. Over the last twelve years, I have tracked my success rate, with 96% of my students getting into one of their top two college choices.

Suzanne Ashour-Bailey

Consulting - Essay Editing - Major and Career Consulting
Interview Prep - Background Evaluation

place Severn, Maryland

school University of South Florida, Certificate , Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in The Workplace

work_outline 14.3 years experience , Current Director, Undergraduate Advising & Academic Suppor at University of Maryland, A. James Clark School of E

emoji_emotions I have had the opportunity to work in higher education for the past 20 years in various areas on a campus. This provides me with a great understanding for how to prepare to transition to a college/university setting. That starts with the application process. I have served as a recruiter within a program as well as a consultant working with international students looking to gain admission to graduate business programs. With my experience and MBA, I will be able to assist you with resume review, essays and interview preparation. I look forward to working with you.

Shannon Gerig

Application Planning - School List - Essay Editing
Application Final Review - Major and Career Consulting

place Terre Haute, Indiana

school Capella University, Master , School Counseling

work_outline 13.7 years experience , Current Director of Counseling and Career Services at Dugger Union

Claire Gumus

Consulting - School Introduction - Essay Editing
Application Final Review

place New York City, New York

school University of Arizona, Master , MBA

work_outline 13.3 years experience , Current Senior Consultant at AdmitMaster

emoji_emotions I have 10+ years of experience in admissions both at undergraduate and graduate level at Ivy League schools and private consulting firms in North America and China. I have worked with countless students ranging from 9th grade to master's level. I find joy in helping students get into their dream schools. I coach my students to build a competitive profile. I help them select AP courses, extracurricular activities, summer programs. Prior to becoming a consultant, I worked at Columbia University as Director, Alumni Interviewing Program at undergraduate level.

Sarah Idzik

Essay Editing

place Chicago, Illinois

school Northwestern University, Doctorate , Communication Studies

work_outline 11.2 years experience , Current College Essay Consultant at Lockwood College Consulting

emoji_emotions Hi! I'm Sarah. I worked in highly selective college admissions for five years, and since then I have worked in various capacities helping students like you to successfully apply to US colleges of all types. My specialty is college essay consulting, in which I have years of experience helping students craft the perfect essays from start to finish; but I am also excited to work with students in a variety of other ways to prepare them for the demands of the college application process, from introducing them to the selective college admissions process to major exploration and more. I look forward to getting to know you!

Krista Pickett

Consulting - Essay Editing - Extracurricular Activities
School List - Admission Appeal

place Coconut Creek, Florida

school Williams College, Bachelor , Liberal Arts

work_outline 10.3 years experience , Current College Coach: Test Prep, Essays, and Apps at Self

emoji_emotions Applying to college can be confusing, but it need not be painful. I navigated the process successfully as a first-generation college student, graduating from my dream school and embarking on an 8+ year career in teaching, tutoring, counseling, and student services. Combined with my personal fitness training certification, these skills and experiences will whip your applications into shape! Officially, I have worked as an Admission Counselor at Williams College in Massachusetts (two years), traveling to recruit students to the elite institution and reviewing thousands of competitive applications. Now, I'm on YOUR side of the desk!