Welcome to Walnut Education. We are an education startup located in silicon valley.

College application is one of the most important steps in life. Without proper guidance, students in the US end up spending extra years getting a degree, transferring to other colleges, graduating with debts, or feeling unhappy about their majors and careers. 

Nowadays students from private schools are enjoying the privilege of abundant counseling resources, non-profit organizations are providing free consultation to hundreds of thousands of low-income US families. We believe equality and fair access to higher education can only be achieved when end-to-end college consulting services are also made accessible to the majority of public school students and international students. 

Although having tens of thousands practitioners, the industry still lacks transparency and authenticity. Finding reliable consultants is another overwhelming task for students at this period. Consulting companies and independent consultants are competing fiercely on marketing or maintaining numerous platforms. 

Things shouldn’t be that hard. Many solutions out there are overthinking the problem. The most straightforward way to connect supply and demand is simply providing them a central place to meet. That's why we are building this marketplace, a platform dedicated for education consulting services. 

Three of us started working on this full time in Sep, 2020. The site was launched in Feb the next year.

Here students can find all services in one place, compare based on transparent prices, truthful reviews and accepted applications and have payment protection.

Consultants can have a more predictable channel to reach students other than word of mouth, lower marketing cost and have guaranteed payment for services.

Thank you for supporting us. Contact us for any discussions and feedback.

Kelvin, 6/22/21