Alejandra Carrasco

Alejandra Carrasco

Lima, Lima



I'm an incoming student at Dartmouth College. I spent 2 years applying to college and preparing myself mentally to thrive in this process. Also, I've been helping students for 1 year and a half to get ready and inspired for their application process. Some friends got into different extracurricular activities programs and colleges like : Clark University, Manhattan College, Dartmouth College.

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Academic Record

Dartmouth College


Government as major

Entrepreneurship as major

Sept. 13, 2021 ~ June 25, 2025

Work Experiences

Total Consulting Experiences: 9.0 years


AEPEX-Peruvian Students Abroad Association

April 4, 2021 ~ now , 3.2 years

AEPEX, in spanish, Asociación de estudiantes peruanos en el extranjero is the first community of peruvian students in colleges majoring in bachelor's, master's and phd's programs. We also provide counseling for prospective students applying to the best colleges around the world.


Wawa Laptop

June 26, 2015 ~ now , 9.0 years

Wawa is the first eco-friendly laptop made in Peru.





School Categories

Ivy League


Liberal Arts Colleges

Schools in the East Coast USA




Major Categories


Interdisciplinary Studies

Social Sciences and Humanities

Accepted Applications

Fall 2021

Dartmouth College, Government, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2020

Augustana College, Government, Bachelor, Standard

George Mason University, Business, Bachelor, Standard

Quinnipiac University, Government, Bachelor, Standard

Widener University-Main Campus, Political Science and Government, Bachelor, Standard

Licenses & Certificates


Q: Can we talk about more topics related to the application process?

A: Of course yes! Feel free to ask me whatever you need.

Q: Do my scores matter to you?

A: I don't care if you got a 1500 or 1300 on the SAT. I want you to feel comfortable with the decision making process that you will have.

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One Hour College Advising

Standard enrollment

I would love to help you with the different struggles that you have as an applicant. Sometimes we don't know where to start with the application process. My main focus it will be to ask what you want and how you feel about it.

Topics may inlcude:

- Application Follow-up

- Extracurricular Activities

- Application Planning

- Essay Editing

- Background Evaluation

- Essay Editing

- Resume Portfolio

- Application Final Review

- Admission Appeal

- Interview Prep

- School Final Decision

- School Introduction


$ 50