Sarah Idzik

Sarah Idzik

Chicago, Illinois



Hi! I'm Sarah. I worked in highly selective college admissions for five years, and since then I have worked in various capacities helping students like you to successfully apply to US colleges of all types. My specialty is college essay consulting, in which I have years of experience helping students craft the perfect essays from start to finish; but I am also excited to work with students in a variety of other ways to prepare them for the demands of the college application process, from introducing them to the selective college admissions process to major exploration and more. I look forward to getting to know you!

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Academic Record

Northwestern University


Communication Studies as major

Sept. 30, 2017 ~ June 10, 2023

Carnegie Mellon University


Literary and Cultural Studies as major

Aug. 20, 2016 ~ May 15, 2017

University of Chicago


English Language & Literature as major

Sept. 30, 2004 ~ June 10, 2008

Work Experiences

Total Consulting Experiences: 9.6 years

College Essay Consultant

Lockwood College Consulting

July 1, 2016 ~ now , 5.6 years

• Tutor individual high school seniors in brainstorming and revising essays for college applications• Teach students how to write effectively in essay and autobiographical style• Counsel students and families on college admissions process

Admissions Counselor

IvyGate International

July 1, 2018 ~ Aug. 1, 2020 , 2.1 years

• Counseled students of all high school ages on preparation for US college admissions process, from extracurricular activities to essays and other application proofreading

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

The University of Chicago

July 1, 2012 ~ July 1, 2016 , 4.0 years

• Counseled students, families, counselors, and teachers regarding the college admissions process in individual and group settings, including information sessions, workshops, meetings, and interviews• Managed a recruiting territory, including travel events, recruitment, and outreach in Pittsburgh and the Chicago suburbs, as well as evaluation of and advocacy for applicants in the admissions process




School Categories

Ivy League


Liberal Arts Colleges

Top 30 US News National Universities

University of California


Major Categories


Interdisciplinary Studies

Math and Science


Social Sciences and Humanities

Accepted Applications

Fall 2021

Carnegie Mellon University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Cornell University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2020

University of Chicago, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2019

University of California-Berkeley, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2018

Harvard University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

Fall 2017

Harvard University, Undecided, Bachelor, Standard

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Q: What is your process for college essay editing?

A: Typically, my students start with a rough first draft or brainstorm of the personal statement that they send to me, initiating the editing process. (I also am happy to brainstorm the essay from scratch, if there is no draft.) With each round, I make comments in a shared document and usually schedule a phone call with the student to discuss my feedback. Once the personal statement is complete, or close to complete, I begin working on supplement essays with the student, editing one or two at a time, depending on length. Personal statements can go through anywhere from 4 to 10 drafts, with each round of editing getting more and more minute. Supplemental essays usually take 3-5 drafts.

Q: What if nothing important has happened to me? Will my personal essay be boring?

A: I say it all the time: seemingly great topics can be made into very dull essays, and seemingly small topics can be made into amazing essays! The important thing, regardless of the topic you choose, is that your authentic voice comes through. That's what we will work on together!

Q: What can you tell me about the college admissions process?

A: My background in highly selective college admissions gives me unique insight into the admissions process. It is unpredictable, but it isn't magic; one of the ways I can help you in your preparation is to explain a bit more about how applications are evaluated, and to demystify your fears about various parts of the application.

Q: How can you help me outside of college essay editing?

A: I'm really invested in helping students find success and thrive. In the past, this has led me to helping students explore their potential academic interests/major areas; work on better managing their time and study habits; preparing for school interviews; and more. We can work together to find out the best ways for me to help you along your path.

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One Hour Essay Consulting

Standard enrollment, 1 school

One hour of ad hoc essay consulting, in which I will read, revise, and explain my feedback to the student on an essay draft of their choosing, whether personal statement or school supplement, at any stage in the drafting process.

Topics may inlcude:

- Consulting


$ 175

One Hour College Advising

Standard enrollment, 1 school

I work with students on an hourly basis. There are a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to the selective college admissions process, goal setting, time management, major and school exploration and introduction, extracurricular activity planning, and summer planning.

Topics may inlcude:

- Consulting


$ 175

Personal Statement and Supplement Essay Consulting

Standard enrollment, 5 schools

Informed by years of experience in highly selective college admissions and college essay consulting, I walk students through the entire essay writing process, from brainstorming ideas to perfecting a final draft. I will work on the personal statement and 5 school supplements.

1. Essay Editing

$ 1,000

5 days, Upon receipt of draft, includes preliminary brainstorming and multiple rounds of comments, conducted until final draft is complete.


$ 1,000